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Tips for Landing a Social Media Job in London

Are you thinking of pursuing a digital marketing career? Do you love social media and want to figure out how to get paid to do it?

Here are some tips for strengthening your social media profile and strategy to increase your chances of landing your ideal role.

Find a NicheOkay, so you want to be a social media expert – this can take many forms. What kind of social media do you love? What are you great at? Do you want to create a video? Do you have design skills? Social media is such a broad field that can be incorporated with many other digital marketing applications and angles – how are you going to make yourself stand out?

If you want to niche yourself, it’s a good idea to hone in on one platform that you’re really interested in and is motivated to get further training in. Love photography? Go with Instagram. Are you a food blogger? Recipes are huge on Pinterest, so you may want to learn more about them. Love marketing? Facebook Ads are expected to remain one of the most effective ways of marketing in many types of industries.

When you’re deciding which platform to use, don’t just make a random decision, do some research! As you research, you can not only find out which social media platforms are the most popular and performing - you can also gather the data you find and discuss it in such a way that you can build authority and show off that knowledge to (would-be) clients or employers.

Be Your BrandDeciding on a niche is one thing, and after that, it’s a good idea to develop a personal brand. This is an important thing to start with if you are just starting out, as it will help you stay recognized beyond your next job, and well into your career. 

So where do you start building a personal brand? You may already have one and not know it. Think about what types of things you like to blog about, the impression that your photos offer the world; even think about your favorite colors and designs. Doing something like creating a logo to display across all of your channels is a great way of establishing differentiation while standing out in your sphere.

Choose something about yourself personally and professionally that stands out and go from there – the more creative your audience, the quirkier you should be. Choose something that you feel great about, that represents your niche, and will appear attractive to potential employers. Finding a personal brand is about sharing your own story, so have fun with it and remember that it will likely be a bit of a journey, so you don’t have to decide on everything at once.

All of your platforms should appear professional and confident (and yes, there’s even an app for that – it’s called PhotoFeeler). Having a professional headshot is important, but if you can’t afford it, just see if a friend will take some decent snaps of you in exchange for – social media marketing!

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